Elevation and Inspiration

A few weeks ago i found out that my health is not where it should be.

To be honestly the past year i have let things slide; eating lots of white bread, eating out. Yes, i could feel it, see it and so did the rest of the world.

I didn’t know what’s wrong and i’m scared of finding out..ignorance is bliss and all that..

I still don’t know what exactly is not right but i know that diet and exercise always sort things out for me, and it’s also what the doctor recommended. So exactly a year from my big move and when my slacking began, i am now firmly taking control of my health and the choices that will affect my quality of life in the future.

So far, it’s been a week and it’s been good. I am eating more salads and exercising three times a week-it could be more but i have been lazy, gotta start somewhere though. I also want to ease my body back into it. I have to remind myself to think twice about that bar of chocolate or sweet that i am offered.

It also helps that i have some races that i would like to do (hopefully work can make that happen) but most of all if i can fit into what i could a year or three ago, i’d be elated.

Here i am seeking to elevate and inspire myself.

Here’s to me and you!


Just Sharing

I saw this and i though i should share it seeing as i am trying to get back on the fitness bandwagon.

Finding Mile 24

All the best to you wherever your mile 24 is.



That word invokes feelings, thoughts, images and memories of yourself with that person with whom the passion was electric, unexpected. Or maybe even someone you wish you would roll with in bed or the car..It is mind-blowing.

There are those times when your imagination was more powerful than the real thing and what a downer that is.

On your walk in this planet, I hope the reality is..well better than you could ever have imagined 😉

Of elixirs and rejuvenation

via Daily Prompt: Elixir

It feels like it’s been a long few days.

I need to be held, to be made to laugh straight from my belly till my eyes tear. I need to be held. I wanna go home.

I feel tired, like i need to be rejuvenated by something..i just don’t know what..sigh… Could this be homesickness?

I went for some runs last week and that felt good.

I keep thinking of going for some runs this week but this cough that threatens to get worse but no promises of getting better makes me think twice. I don’t want to wake up with a horrible cough that could have me bedridden.

Some things at work are beginning to get me down. I’m trying not to let them affect me but…it is what it is. I hope that this is a temporary feeling.

I don’t know what my elixir could be. Maybe a good night’s sleep. Maybe getting over this cough or some company of the male persuasion or a few glasses of wine. Or it could just be that i need to give myself some time. It is said that time makes everything better.

I hope you’re doing better. Perhaps you could offer me some suggestions of elixir..?


via Daily Prompt: Aware

I’m still here dear reader, been suffering from block in some parts of my life as well as busyness.

I’ve made a conscious choice to get out of this block, taking it a day at a time.

Today i was thinking of how i missed my life of two years ago. I would have had a swig of vodka, a book handy (no laptops and wifi to distract me) and my friends a phone call away and we’d be laughing in under a minute. But back then i was wishing for this life i have now and that makes me ungrateful for what i have now, right? So, i now sit and make myself happy when i see how far  i’ve come and achieved most of what i wanted to.

So i’m beginning to think bigger dreams and keep some others going.

But first i thank the Good Lord for bringing me this far and answering my prayers in bigger ways than i asked for and prayed for.

I’d like to think that no matter how badly your day or life is going right now, you have at least 2 things to be thankful for (like your good health, family..) Plus, you have survived 100% of your bad days and that is a good reason to smile and show yourself some love.


PS: Be grateful for what you have and work for what you want.


Life has been busy!!

I’m settled in now it’s just that it seems that a curveball is thrown my way every week..more and more admin stuff at work but i look at it as a learning curve..ugh! But it’s gotta get done.

I signed up for the local annual run. I know i have not trained to even walk a half so i decided to register for the 5k on the Saturday and the 10k on the Sunday-happening on the last weekend of November.

Happily i have started training, but unhappily i am suffering from dehydration headaches soon after(or at least i think that is the cause) This happened twice. It also doesn’t help that one can’t go two/three hundred meters without coming across a hill (damn i miss the flatness of Kenya)

So do i give up? No. I just try and try again. More water and veggies in my diet and i hope that that will sort it out, because i can’t imagine not participating.

It has been an irksome development but what is life without some of these things right.

Wish me luck in my training and i hope you are pushing through whatever life is throwing your way.