Motivation Monday

I have been thinking lately about the choices I’ve been making. How are they affecting me, my mood, my goals..and what my contribution is and why. Am I not letting myself grow and thrive because of some invalid reason or idea or whatever it may be.

I’ve allowed myself to get distracted by life and it’s happenings….Instagram, Twitter, I mean, even as I type this I have another screen on playing some series, I get into bed and continue watching something till I can’t fight sleep anymore….I think I have a problem. What do you think?

In order to challenge myself, I am asking: Why do I do this to myself? Why am I distracting or allowing myself to be distracted like this? I haven’t read my book in weeks and that is not good. I realized how much I’ve missed reading when I was in the salon and I got really engrossed in it. Also I am sleeping better without my watch. I like to use it to track my sleep but I feel more rested and relaxed when I don’t have it on. I noticed that I would wake up in the middle of the night when the light would hit my eyelids.

So bit by bit I’m making some changes.

No watch at night.

Letting myself sleep when I feel sleepy. The movie or series will still be there in the morning.

Read more at night.

It’s amazing that some simple changes make such a big difference.

With these changes I am tackling my phone during the say such as turning of the Wi-Fi connection for an hour so as to keep me on task. If I keep up with the reading I can write reviews on the books.

I hope you’re doing better or just as good as I am and if you aren’t, I hope you can sit with yourself and ask yourself why that is. Have an honest and gentle conversation with yourself, give yourself grace, challenge yourself, ask yourself why things are the way they are and what your contribution to the situation is.

Adios, dear reader.

Motivation Monday

Y’all I was minding my business today. Yesterday I sat down and did a to do list for today and I had settled down to get to it. I was already feeling proud of myself when a friend N, got in touch asking and explaining why he needed an accountability partner. Of course I listened. I’m a good friend like that.

We’ve shared our plans with each other and now we have to keep to it and check in regularly.

Fast forward to the afternoon and my Team captain D reaches out and asks me to help him with some club admin stuff. We’ve talked about my goals and how I am working on them. He’s seen me working towards my goals and likes my ideas for the club. He likes my fire and drive.

It’s great and I am thankful for the accountability partners. Now I have more impetus to keep at it and be a better person cos we know once you start working on one part of your life, the rest the other parts also get aligned.

Wall of Fame

I love running and races. I love the bling, sure but more than that I love the bibs.

I love to collect them and put them up.

I can’t explain it but seeing the different colours and sizes and fonts. Adding to that gives me great joy.

This is not all the bibs as some have gotten lost unfortunately..but I am glad to have most of them.

Aah this runner life, it can’t be explained but be experienced.

Here are some bibs from different races in different countries.

I realised that I have been running for 10 years. 10 WHOLE YEARS!!

Where did the time go?? No really, where did it go?

I remember why I started. An ex told me that I couldn’t run and so I started to run and I used it as therapy to help me deal and heal with the mess.

Hmmm…maybe I should do a special run on the date, or close enough to the date what do you think?

I am incredibly grateful that I am able and privileged to run, that I live in a safe neighbourhood and that I have joined a great running club.

Cheers to another 10 years running.

May your feet be kind to you dear reader.

Running for…

I love to run for a cause and I have run for a few.

Running for water, for sight, for autism, for diabetes….

I got an email from an organisation, Thirst Foundation, led by Mina Guli. She has a foundation that works towards on delivering groundbreaking action on water meaning that she works with communities to put water on the top of the global agenda.

It has organised two campaigns World Water Run that happened earlier this year and coming up is World River Run.

What I love about these campaigns is that they are free registration and you get a bib on email that you can print out or use to post alongside your stats on your preferred app.

I registered to run for water this World Environment Day on 1st June (isn’t this also Global Running Day?) and in this, you can choose the river that you’re running for and the distance you want to do. The name of the river appears on the bib. Cool right? And it’s all FREE. This is a challenge that you set for yourself and you have to prove to yourself that you can be true to your word.

See my bib..

Self Care Sunday

It’s been a long time since I wrote one of these.

We have survived the pandemic thus far.. thank you Jesus.

In that time I have dealt with a lot. Mostly endings; jobs, relationships.. the end of one is the beginning of another yes?

One good thing is that I have gotten back to working out. Consistently. Amazingly I have discovered new routes in my neighbourhood. The routes have always been there but I never went on them. I guess now is the time. I’ve gotten back to reading and it is glorious. It’s been two or so months since I picked up a book to read but I have been carrying one in my bag for all that time. I read everywhere, car ride, salon appointment, before bed, in the morning.. I hoe that when I come here next Sunday I will have finished my current book or almost finished it 🀞🏾🀞🏾

Something else I have found to be calming and soothing is removing clothes and shoes from my closet and clearing out what I don’t wear for whatever reason..and just remining myself of what I do own and wearing different pieces just because. It gives me such joy to wear bright and colourful pieces even just to the supermarket.

I am allowing myself to say yes more. If I don’t want to do something I question why that is. I am pushing myself more and more to get out of my comfort zone/bubble/routine. I find that I have been holding myself back and it is a glorious world out there but dangerous too. Through all of this, I have made some new friends and I like it here πŸ˜€

I’ve been hanging out with friends on the weekends and slowly allowing myself to hangout with other friends but I definitely don’t have the energy or bandwidth to go to the club or drink more than two ciders. Going out of town has been a great reset for me and I would love to move out of the city altogether..maybe one day.

Till then its a breath at a time and grabbing pockets of peace and growth where I can 🌱


Woman down.

Guys, I am not to well.

On Thursday I felt an itching in my throat. I knew that it was my tonsilitis about to act up.

Usually it starts like that and then gets progressively worse. So I know to gargle and take lots of hot drinks and lots of rest for at least a day or two.

However I hae realised that this is something that happens to me around this time of year. Thankfully it is not as bad as it was when it first happened some 9 years ago.

On Friday I went to a pharmacy to get antibiotics because I know that this is what works for me.

Sidenote: I don’t like to take meds unless I am in deep serious pain that I know rest will not be able to deal with by itself. Usually I take meds for migraines.

The pharmacist listened to my symptoms and first recommended a lozenge but I again asked for antibiotics. He then recommended a syrup, again I asked for antibiotics. He said that since I don’t have a fever, I didn’t need an antibiotic. I said a lozenge will really not sort out the issue but rather be a stopgap for a few minutes and then the pain comes back. He recommended something else and I just sighed and said “You really don’t want to give me the antibiotics huh?” At that point he realised that he was frustrating me. I then suggested that we meet halfway, I take the lozenges and antibiotics. He agreed.

As a result, I do not feel up to working out. I just want to wallow in bed till I feel better.

Maybe a walk will do me some good.. Having some eucalyptus oil in the shower is helpful as does tea a

It has been 3 days since and my throat stopped being itchy on Friday but now I have a runny nose from what became a cold. At this point, the lozenges help but they are a bit much. Every day I notice something is changing. Today is Sunday evening, day 4 and I notice that my voice has been getting hoarse and might be gone by morning.

Also I do not think it is Covid and if it is, I’ll get better.

What a Race!

The inaugural Uhuru Classic Marathon happened this Sunday…and what a race it experience.

Where to start? I don’t even know where the beginning is.

The day before the race I suddenly got nervous..not about anything specific but just nervous excitement. It’s been cold in Nairobi and I hadn’t hydrated well so I made it a point to drink a litre of water and to make sure I did, I added some oral rehydration salts.

I went to bed but found it hard to sleep, when I eventually got sleep at 11pm, I woke up at midnight feeling refreshed and sure I was up just before the alarm, but I had 5hours and 45 more minutes to sleep.

I woke up and showered, had some oatmeal with chia and banana and I was off.

I was 2.8km away from the start point at Nyayo National Stadium and I used that as a warm up. Strangely I did not come across many runners as I have in the past on that walk. I met only 3 runners.

The stadium however was FULL of people and the noise, the music!! Oh! So glorious.

I was wearing my Team Jasho tee and so it was easy to spot other team members in a sea of red. We talked and hugged even when we didn’t know each other..united by the love of running and the joy of a physical race.

The race did not disappoint. It was well organized, the races started right on time, signs, water and toilets were right where they were supposed to be and people had fun posing with them. I met a friend and we took the time to catch up and walk together. I took it real easy last week and so the 10k felt longer than usual.

The worst part of it was that there was no shade on the course but I expected it and had my hat and sunscreen.

That cup of tea was the best cup of tea I have had ever. Tea is my recovery drink. So is chocolate milk.

The elites passing by like small vehicles was exciting. Every time a team member passed by we cheered each other on. Hearing the music get louder and louder as I got closer to the finish line, till I got into the stadium and received my medal. The MC welcomed us all and the energy was high….everyone was cheering. It felt amazing. As I walked out of the stadium I met a big group of my team and I joined in for photos. Another highlight was seeing people I had seen last weekend at the marathon relay like Tuzo from Breakasweat365. I think he got a PB too. However, I was suffering from a migraine and I left them in search of a cup of tea.

The team was meeting at a restaurant for lunch and good vibes. That was another lovely time. We analysed the race, and at what point did we see who, who won, which of our friends was still on the course. Runners high was real and contagious and a beautiful thing to watch and soak in. I really really really really didn’t want to leave but my migraine said otherwise.

When I got home, I found my family having tea and it was the perfect congratulatory drink to receive from them. I then went and took what felt like the world’s best shower and nap. Does anyone else find that sleeping diagonally is more comfortable especially when you’re tired?

When I got up, I had some more water with ORS and a cup of chicken soup that my body was so so grateful for.

I look forward to the next race and I hope it is soon. I leave you with a picture of the bling earned.

A Milestone

The last week of April I went out and did a 15k and getting the April Garmin badge for that! I love to get the points and badges.

I am so proud of myself.

Though it did take a lot out of me.

I was super tired after, it felt like it was never ending, ,my legs were tired and at some point all I wanted to do was sit for a while. To be honest, I did sit and tie my shoelaces and that rest felt amazing! Sad to say I did not stretch or do yoga..the next day I was still feeling my body to see how it was doing which I am happy to say was no sore at all!

I had a bowl of oats with honey, banana, chia and flax seeds to fuel me and I am happy to say worked for me so that’s a win! Here’s a picture of it.

I’m thinkin that since I do a 10k weekly, perhaps I can do a 15k biweekly or monthly..hmmm..What do you think reader?

Some Excitement

Is there any better feeling other than that of registering for a race? Is there?

Yeah maybe getting a meal you’ve been waiting on?

I have registered for a race happening on the 8th of May.

The Uhuru Classic Marathon. What everyone seems to be calling the Expressway Run. But, before that was the Nairobi Marathon Relay.

I didn’t register for the relay but I went and cheered on the it was happening in my neighbourhood so it was a great opportunity to go participate near home.

I have missed the race atmosphere since my time in Moshi in February and I was sick so didn’t really participate.

The race was great! I got there in the early morning and got ready to cheer the participants. There were participants of all ages from 7 years old to 72 years old. They were in teams of 6 and each was to do 7km. They all did great and all finished the course. I am super impressed especially by the 7 year old who I found out belongs to a hiking group that hikes all over East Africa. I will try my best to participate in the relay next year.

I got to meet some incredible people like Limo who has done an ultra in every county in Kenya pluuusss going up 5 mountains in 7 days, going up Mt Kenya using all 3 routes in 24 hours.. A mad guy. I mean!

I’ll be sure to tell you how the expressway run goes. Happy running.

The Challenge

Ahh..what to say….sadly I did not get to do the 42k that I wanted.

On Friday I had an early start and was not able to do the 10k I planned.

Saturday I managed 6k. Sunday I was not feeling well and had family over so could not be gone for too long. I did 8k. Monday was recovery. I was feeling better in the afternoon but the rain had other plans.

Some people can run in rain, others can’t for different reasons. I am in the second category. I know my body and no amount of layers will get me out to run in the rain so please, spare me any advice. I’ve heard it all and tried it too. It’s better I run when it’s not raining.

I’m sad I didn’t get to complete this challenge but I want to make up for it by doing at the very least a 5k 4 times this week and daily strength training of 30 squats, pushups and burpees. I will use the 15k I did this Easter as a baseline for next Easter’s challenge.

Cheers to us all on this journey.

Cheers to my country people for winning #BOSTON marathon.

I didn’t expect anything less.

How tense was the women’s finish?? WOW!