Angelina Jolie’s Revealation

Angelina Jolie’s Revealation

I just read Angelina Jolie’s story about how she went a double mastectomy – and reconstruction) as she is ‘genetically susceptible to cancer’ Her mum died at 56 of breast cancer.

I think that this is laudable and the fact that her man (oh so gorgeous) Brad Pitt was by her side every step of the way (even more gorgeous now) deserves a big big round of applause.

Everyone should be encouraged to take better care of their health.

Do the yearly exams, pap smears, dental appointments (ugh!) and eye appointments and all the other tests. If there is diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and heart disease monitor your health.

At the end of the day: do not take your health for granted.

Your health is all you have.


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