My First Muay Thai Kickboxing Session

I went for my first kick boxing class on Saturday.

It kicked my ass!! And i loved it!!

My trainer started me on jogging on the spot for a minute, raising my knees; then 30 puch ups of 10 reps each – i managed 10 in total. 15 minutes into the session i was ready to wal away. The plank exercise,  use your forearms and hold for 10 seconds then change to palms on the floor. Hold for10 seconds then change back to forearms. Do this 5 times. I did it only twice.

By the half hour mark i was telling him how much i hate him. All the while i was doing it with a student that i teach in school.

He was kicking my ass!!

Then i wore the boxing gloves….ooohhh! I felt like Mike Tyson reincarnated!! All those boxing movies i had watched with my Dad came back to me.

I was taught about the stance (left foot in front always), how to throw a punch, protect your face, elbows in..there is lots to learn.

How to throw a kick from the waist, how to kick from the waist using body weight as opposed to just throwing my foot out.

I felt soooo worn out after my session but so ready for another.

I think i can do this on the regular.

My one challenge now is to get over the aching muscles (which are giving me a weird walking style lol) I ache in places i never knew i could ache.. Doing some of the execises as eased some of the soreness.

The Mantra:

The pain of yesterday is the strength of tomorrow

Let’s go!!


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