Muay Thai 2nd Session

Sorry for my silence. It has been quite the week.

So i was more than psyked up for my second session..with the obligatory nerves.

I was sent to the stationary bike – that was easy, until he adjusted something that made it harder to pedal. Then i went to the studio for warm ups and exercises.

Things got thick from there.

I started off with jogging on the spot while counting to 150. Not as easy as it sounds.. but i managed.

I did an exercise that required me to get down to a push up and then jump up..i was supposed to do 5, i did 3 and took breaks between 4 and 5 lol

Pushups. I am happy to say that i am getting better at this. I could feel the belly muscles tightening up. I understand now why so many men like this exercise and swear by it. I can now do 12!! 12 whole pushups!! I am so proud of myself. I have never been able to do them.

The rest of the session was not too hard. The boxing and kicking was good.

Overall a great work out.

Unfortunately i won’t be able to do more of this due to financial reasons, but i intend to go back before the year’s end.

In the meantime i hope to start running. (someone start with me so that we can exchange notes)

Keep warm and smiling.


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