Monday Message

This weekend i took an unscheduled time out from my life.

Every so often i have one of those moments/days/weekends that makes me aware that this moment is THE moment that will shape a certain aspect of my life. This was one of those weekends. I had 4 different events to attend and i somehow managed to blow them all off..nicely and politely.

I am going through some upheaval in my life and it makes me aware that i know not what the future holds, only who holds it. And i have decided to go along for the ride. I decided to sleep in, do my mom’s nails and mine, do my hair and pig out. I read a book, watched tv and hung out with my sister. As well as sit out in the little sunshine there was and not think.

It felt good. It felt liberating to not be thinking of something soooo hard, to just let things be and if the world came crashing on my head…well so be it.

My message to you today is this:

You can’t control everything, go along with life, with all the curve balls, the joy and the pain.

What i learnt is that i can take it. And so can you.

In Other News:

Today i officially start training for the Nairobi Stanchart Marathon. YAY!!




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