Hair and Fitness

So in the quest for fitness i have come up with a challenge: How to handle my hair during work out sessions.

I have seen lots of ladies with sweatbands to catch the sweat and prevent it from getting into the eyes, but my question has always been how to handle the sweat from the middle of the head..

One thing i have learnt is that it is essential to clean the scalp after working out because the sweat build up, oil and bacteria could cause eruptions on the face or an itchy scalp. Not good.

What  i have found that works for me is to leave it out in the open. (Washing dreadlocks after every workout session is not practical)

First things first, you could tie a sweatband. For those with long hair you could tie it in a loose bun and then let it air out afterwards. You could also wash it out with plain water-depends on how fast your hair dries though.

Alternatively, you could rinse it out with plain water, tie some twists and then undo them in a few hours or the next day.

There is also the option of using water and tea tree oil in a spray bottle or a mild shampoo, and then spritzing it into your hair after a session. Tea tree oil has great anti bacterial properties that is a plus to your scalp. A massage will also be beneficial. I hope this helps you during your fitness sessions. 🙂 



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