Fitness Boot Camp

Hello hello all.

I finally tell you about the Fitness Boot Camp event that i went for.

It was a bright morning and i was a bit skeptical as to how that would turn out seeing as i had not hydrated very well.

The trainer Liza was great. Very friendly and encouraging.

I went with one of my best friends- let’s call her N. When we got there, there were 2 other girls waiting for the Boot Camp to start.

The first hour was broken into sessions for strength training, warm ups, and cardio; which included lunges, burpees, sit ups, sprints, jogs and a huddle game.

It was tough. Tougher than i thought it would be.

Unfortunately N did not fare too well. She was woozy (due to a light dinner and no breakfast) and called it quits 30 minutes into the session.

After that we went into the first obstacle course of the day.

First we had to do a set of 6 star jumps, then a bear crawl to a set of tyres and do no less than 5 push ups. Jog to a climbing net (i hate it! lol).

Thereafter do a set of jumps over 3 tyres that were cut in half while turning 180 degrees in the air. Finally do a crawl walk (hands and heels forwards) to the end. Repeat 3 times.

After that a two minute cool down session and we went for more exercises on a hill.

We had to do side jogs up the hill, twice. Do lunges up the hill, twice. Lastly, sprint up the hill, twice. *cue exhausted sigh*

Lastly we did the last obstacle course. We had to bear crawl a distance of 20m, dash back to the beginning, carry a set of 4 kg each, get to the second base and do a set of 8 squats. Go back to the beginning and forward crawl to the second base; go back to the beginning, take a tyre and carry it on your shoulder, go back to the beginning and change shoulders. Finally, choose one of the four and do it.

At the end, Liza kindly served us with fruit salad and juice 🙂

I enjoyed the session though at some point i was complaining and doing my own thing.

Would i do it again? Yes.

Would i recommend it? Yes.

I could not sit right for two days but the upside is that i could really feel my body getting a thorough work out.

Here is the link to their site:

Enjoy your work out session and remember not to push yourself too hard.


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