Hydration for a Race

It’s almost here!! Stanchart marathon!!
And i am shaking with excitement. Shaking i tell ya!

I realise i have not done my due diligence regarding my training but that will not stop me.
I have registered for the 10km race.
I do not intend to go about it like an athlete. I will be real with myself. I will walk or jog at my pace.
My goal is to do it in 1hr 45mins at most 2hrs. If i do it in less i will be super duper happy.

What i am doing a lot of is hydrating. The importance of water cannot be overemphasized. The weather in Nairobi has been hot! And it is predicted that it will be just as hot on Sunday the 27th of October.

I came across this article on how to include water in your morning routine. http://shine.yahoo.com/healthy-living/waking-water-8212-crucial-193400268.html
Here are some reasons why you should include it in your morning routine:
-It hydrates your cells after a night’s rest. It also increases the rate at which new muscle and blood cells are produced. This allows for healthy flow of oxygen. Thus increases your levels of energy and alertness.
-It flushes out toxins that have accumulated in the course of the night. This leads to clear skin 🙂
-Drinking water on an empty stomach in the morning boosts your metabolism.
-Not drinking enough water could make you sickly. Water is important in maintaining a healthy lymphatic system. When this system is balanced, your body can properly fight off infection.

Lots of good points raised yes?

Happy Training!


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