..The day after

So here we are; the day after the marathon.

I had been thinking about the Stanchart marathon since January. Playing with the idea of participating, to walk, to run or to jog.

I did participate and i walked.

Fast walked.

With a lady old enough to be my mom.

I was filled with lots of questions the night before:

Am i sure i could do it?

Why oh why did i register to do the 10km instead of the 5km? Surely that would have been a better place to start?

What are the security arrangements? What would happen if…the unimaginable  happened?


I needn’t have feared.

I walked 2kms to the start of the race and it was a sea of white.

After a cursory security check i went and joined what looked like the group of 10km participants.

I did a little stretching with minimum space. You could feel the anticipation in the air.

I was way at the back and so i didn’t realise that we had been flagged off by the Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero. It seemed like we were being flagged off in intervals of a few minutes. Soon enough i had crossed the starting line.

I had met a friend and we set off catching up on our lives.

So we walked and walked and we realized that we were among the last! To make matters worse, there was a group of 3 older gentlemen who were discussing the state of different companies who had passed us.  We increased our pace and decided that they were the group to beat.

Intermittently they  would pass us and we would jog to overtake them  and then yet again they would pass us.

We got serious and set a fast pace and maintained it. We also realized that there was an older lady and a Chinese lady who were ahead of us. How could that be? The next goal was to reach them and pass them. Privately, i had set the time of not more than 2 hours at the most for the 10km walk.

We caught up to the first lady and kept pace with her. We realized that the elder Chinese lady was way fitter than us so we let her be. We kept pace with her and even had some conversation with her. It was fun.

As we got to the last 2 kms i realised that i had about 20-2 mins to get to my time of 1hr 45 mins (i had 15mins to spare)

My friend N.O. was more than willing to help me get to that goal. We left lady friend behind and picked up the pace. We were excited. We hadn’t cut any corners and the end was so so near.

The closer we got to the finishing line the harder it was to actually cross it….because there were so many people taking pictures!!

I waded through…and i crossed the line! YAY FOR ME!! 🙂

I also did my thing and took some pics and soaked in the feeling of accomplishment.

Today, there is a little stiffness in my calves but that’s about it.

Next year i could do it running/jogging. And beat my record of 1:45mins.

Thank you for following me on this journey. Let’s continue with our fitness regime.

In the meantime i wanna congratulate myself by stuffing myself with some masala chips and fried chicken as well as a huge piece of cake.

Join me?


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