Frustrating Hair Days

Yes i said it! Frustrating hair days. Not to be confused with bad hair days.

The days i am talking about are when you just do not know what to do with the crown that is on your head.

I mean, you could style it like this.. No i did that last week/yesterday. Or i could tie a bun. No it is either won’t be big enough or it will be too big. I have to go to the salon. Either not enough money or you just want to do something different. you could tie it in a turban, however given this Nairobi heat, that is not the best option available.

No option seems to work!

At such a time it is OK TO HATE YOUR HAIR. It is impatient and frustrating to deal with just like a little toddler can be. You wish you didn’t know what you do about heat damage…sigh

So you know what i did, i let it be. For two whole weeks *gasp*

I went to the salon  and had it washed and then i just let it lie. All i did was put some jojoba oil on my scalp.

An interesting thing happened: I enjoyed the break and so did my hair. I saw a growth spurt in my hair when i finally relocked the roots. 🙂

Sometimes just like a toddler it just wants to be left alone for a while and then it will come back to you in all its glory and good behaviour 🙂

I learned that this period of letting go is SO WORTH IT and i truly love my mane of dreadlocks. It is how the Good Lord made me and i wouldn’t change it for a thing!!

The pros of being natural/nappy head outweigh the cons.

To all of you who are just starting out on the natural hair journey or who are considering jumping ship and to those who are frustrated, don’t be. You are not alone.

All you’ve got to do is just learn to accept your hair and its quirks there is only so much you can do about it. Just let go and get on with your life. It takes a lot of time and patience. In my 6 year dreadlock (12 year natural) journey some days i feel like i am just starting out.

Happy Thursday!


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