The Fitness Express

I thought my fitness days would reduce given that i have just participated in the Stanchart marathon, but alas it was not to be. (which is a good thing)

My cousin has come up with this brill  idea: for whoever wants to join her to do whatever form of exercise for 3 days a week!

“Do what you know; walking, running, gym, aerobics, weights….minimum, three times a week. Clean up your diet as well, no refined sugars…i.e plain sugar, juices, soda etc, the rest is up to you.
Target, 5kg by New Years..”

I think this is possible. Very workable. Not time like the present to start.

I came across this link, i’ll try it for a week and let you know if it a hit or a miss.

There is a group on facebook that is growing in numbers. (the fitness express)

I love that we can all come together on it and support each other in our fitness goals.

To all of you out there, LET’S DO THIS BECAUSE WE CAN!!!

*puts on running shoes*


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