Rain and Working Out

The rains are here (or so it seems)

As happy as i am to smell the rain soaked earth, i am concerned about my workout regimen. This is because i love to get out and run, or play with the neighbour’s kids (aka cardio)..i just love to be outdoors!

I also love to eat..sigh..

While researching some exercises for cold weather/winter, i came across some interesting info.

“During winter the body goes into hibernation mode. Your body adjusts to using less energy.”Granted we are not in the North Pole but Nairobi has become some special kinds of cold lately. This decrease in exercise and (possibly an increased) appetite makes us pile on the pounds. This is also known as seasonal weight gain. It doesn’t help matters that we are gearing up for Christmas.

So how do we keep ourselves motivated and focused on our fitness goals? Glad you asked 🙂

1. Keep moving.

It doesn’t always have to mean that we are running the 3km that we did yesterday/last week, cos we are only human and we don’t always feel like doing what we have to/promised the world we would. But you do have to keep moving, even if it is just a 1km or 2km walk.

Make a plan to sweat it out!

2. Have a Food Plan.

Plan out your weekly meals. (Life is much easier this way)

3. Be honest with yourself.

When you go for that  wedding/family gathering/lunch with an old friend, it is best to have a plan. Every once in a while you are going to slip up. Forgive yourself. You are not infallible.

4. Ginger. Cayenne Pepper. Cinnamon.
Using the above spices can help boost your metabolism. Sprinkle some cinnamon in your tea or some cayenne pepper in your food.

5. Reward Yourself.

You have been working hard. Have that piece of chocolate. It will make the cravings that much easier to resist when you know you have it coming to you at the end of every week and a half/two weeks or even every week.

Does that help you? It has done a me a ton of good.

All the best people!



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