This has been quite the year.
I decided that things were going to change for the better, no matter who got hurt.
It was time i took care of me.

The first quarter was full of upheaval.
Shifting roles in my relationship. The tides were coming in strong and hard.
One of my oldest friends came to town.
I became more prayerful.

Second quarter, still more upheaval but some silence (the eye of the storm)
Break up. Make up.
Do it again.
I knew something had to give.
My friend and i caught up on all the years apart. My girls and i hanged out and supported each other all the more.
God and i got closer.

Third quarter.
I was done. I just needed to tell him, though i suspect he knew it was coming.
My friend left town then came back again.
Got in touch with lots more old friends and made new friends.

Last quarter.
I told him.
I lost my job.
My cousin came into town and we had a blast.
Weddings and babies came in plenty.
One month to go and i cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for me in 2014.
In all things, i remain hopeful..and i continue to count my blessings.


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