Month: January 2014

New Beginnings, New Year, New Many Things

Has it been days already?? I cannot believe it.
December flew by as was great to hang out with family and attend weddings that we had waited all year for and gorge ourselves in delicious food.

Now to the January Blues.

I don’t think of January as a sad month.

It is a sign of a clean slate, fresh start..who doesn’t like that? Plus you get to start implementing your goals or resolutions. After all that eating, fitness should be there, no?

Plus it is my birthday month 🙂

PLUS: i got a new job and had to move towns. I do not regret it and i was looking forward to the move. It has been crazy looking for a place and all that goes with it but i have found a place and i will fill it in bit by bit.
A friend of a friend is hosting me and i get a view of Lake Nakuru every morning from my bedroom window and the kitchen so that makes my day.
I saw baboons having a stare down with some kids. It was quite full of suspense. The baboons won as the kids decided to walk away. At least i think the kids won. Haha.
I cannot wait to run with the lake by my side, the zebra and antelopes grazing and baboons watching me.
I hope to be able to post some pics soon.
Be happy!