Month: March 2014


It pains me in this day and age; when we have sent men to the moon for research and pleasure, with all the satellites out there, we cannot find one plane! No debris. No floating luggage. Nothing!

Does this sound ridiculous to anyone else??

My heart goes out to the families of the loved ones.

They need closure.

The world needs closure.

As i heard one presenter ask: If the plane belonged to any other country (G7 countries hello?), would it have been found by now?

I continue to pray for families and for the souls aboard the plane.

Techies, i hope you are figuring out a way to make sure we never lose a plane or ship again.


Self Love 2

Oh WOW! How time flies when you are having fun.

I have promised again and again to write more and not to go silent..but then it happens again. So this time i will make no promises and just do more writing.

My new start is going great. I have met some new people at work, not so out of the workplace; bu that is okay. That’s because i am enjoying rediscovering myself and being me and loving me 🙂

I feel so good and so in love with myself.

That relationship took a lot out of me.

I am doing a lot of reading (as i have no tv) and it helps to keep the bad energy away.

I sneaked a look at my ex’s facebook page (yeah we have all done it) and i saw he put up a picture of himself and a new girl. After the initial surprise, i was HAPPY.


What does that mean?

That  i am over him? YES! After 6 months yes i can say so with more belief in myself. It’s like he has given me the green light to be DONE.

Does it mean that he is over me? Lord, i hope so. I don’t want him coming and asking for another chance. Once was enough.

It means that i can finally walk and not fear that he will come and bang down my door to fulfill the threats he made when i ended it.

It means that i can flirt back with the guy who has been making me blush via whatsapp.

I feel new!!

Who would have ever guessed that the news of an ex dating someone else could bring so much joy.

I wish you well sir, i do.