Self Love 2

Oh WOW! How time flies when you are having fun.

I have promised again and again to write more and not to go silent..but then it happens again. So this time i will make no promises and just do more writing.

My new start is going great. I have met some new people at work, not so out of the workplace; bu that is okay. That’s because i am enjoying rediscovering myself and being me and loving me 🙂

I feel so good and so in love with myself.

That relationship took a lot out of me.

I am doing a lot of reading (as i have no tv) and it helps to keep the bad energy away.

I sneaked a look at my ex’s facebook page (yeah we have all done it) and i saw he put up a picture of himself and a new girl. After the initial surprise, i was HAPPY.


What does that mean?

That  i am over him? YES! After 6 months yes i can say so with more belief in myself. It’s like he has given me the green light to be DONE.

Does it mean that he is over me? Lord, i hope so. I don’t want him coming and asking for another chance. Once was enough.

It means that i can finally walk and not fear that he will come and bang down my door to fulfill the threats he made when i ended it.

It means that i can flirt back with the guy who has been making me blush via whatsapp.

I feel new!!

Who would have ever guessed that the news of an ex dating someone else could bring so much joy.

I wish you well sir, i do.


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