In this day and age no one should allow modern day slavery. Not in any shape and form.

Crimes such as kidnapping should be punished by death or banishment.
It is sickening that 230 girls were kidnapped, and that it took the Nigerian government 3 weeks and after another 8 were kidnapped, to do something.
The something they did was accept American help (on 5th of May)

To make matters worse, the parents fear to speak out in case their daughters are harmed by Boko Haram or retribution from the government. This is the price they have to pay for educating their daughters. (Boko Haram says Western Education is a sin)
That the leader of Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau, threatened to sell the girls (after saying he will make them slaves) is painful beyond any measure.
It shows that there is a market for slavery. May they who participate in this trade in any way, shape or form burn for all eternity for their sins.

To the families and indeed all parents, i pray for the safe return of your daughters.

May you set your eyes on them and hold them in your arms.

To the rest of us:

This should not be the new normal. This atrocity affects all of us!
A social media campaign to raise awareness globally about the kidnapping is gaining momentum with celebrities including Mary J Blige adding their support

There is a movement and petition doing the rounds online saying we should wear turbans and post the pics online with the #millionwomanmarch #bringbackourgirls

We should wear our turbans to show solidarity with the parents of these girls.
Stage protests in front of all Nigerian embassies, the White House, palace and State Houses of our leaders. The Million Woman March is real.
We ask them, implore them and beg them as well as force them to make Nigeria accept our help. May they hear the cries of the parents. 

Here is how you can help:

What You Can Do To Help The Kidnapped Nigerian School Girls


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