Mara Trip! (A Fitness Goal to Work Towards)

I have just been informed that i will be going to the Mara with some year 6 kids (11-12 year olds) for three days, from the 29th of June – 2nd of July.

I am excited and humbled that the school thought of me to go with the kids seeing as there are other staff who could have gone.

One of my colleagues knows that i have not been working out for 3 weeks (gasp!)

She told me to get on that exercise tip immediately. She says there will be lots of walking and games that will be played and the kids will pull me in and i definitely wouldn’t want to be aching and paining then. i would want to get in on it. That is the perfect goal to work towards and to have a massive workout at the end of it all.

I cannot wait! 

In the meantime today i lace up my shoes and go for a mini jog -maybe 20 minutes and then follow up with some yoga.

Seeing as the Stanchart Marathon is coming up and i still want to do the 21 km walking or 10 km running, this is a great day to achieve that as well as accomplish one of my new years goals.

How is everyone coming along with their new years goals/resolutions? It is never too late to start, even if you failed, just get up and tr again (just like everyone else)


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