It has been a long time. 

I will not apologise and i will not make promises. 

I have broken them again and again so enough.

This month is a milestone for me. 

It is the anniversary of the break up i initiated with the man i thought i would spend the rest of my life with…and all that jazz.

I will not rehash the relationship. I would like to believe it served its purpose for the both of us. 

I underwent a period where i didn’t want to be with people in relationships or even to see them. I deliberately held myself back from the world. 

Some things happened that made me aware that i am not where i once was. 

I began to smile more, and mean it. I began to dance, oh how i had missed it. I found lots ot be happy about in the most difficult days.

I began to love myself again, in a more honest and slow way. I will love again and he will love me too.

Then slowly by slowly, i got out of my shell, began to consider being with someone.

One year on, i am replugging myself back into the world and sampling what it has to offer albeit with a bit more caution that i did before. 

It has been so amazing reconnecting with myself and with old friends that i had gone silent on soaking in their love and support; and the love, peace and happiness that i have within me FOR ME.

In all things, enjoy life, the good comes with the bad. Winter comes with spring. There is joy after pain.

Peace, love and happiness to YOU. 🙂



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