Stanchart Marathon 2014

Hi all!

I did the 10km marathon on Sunday!

My training was not up to par, so i was always aware that i would not run but walk. The point was that i was going to do it and finish it!

The sun was out bright and early this year, 7 am, the crowd was big and it was a bit scary watching some two guys do stretches, jumping around and jogging, i put them in the semi elite category and proceeded to ignore them and i went on with my lunges, arm and leg stretches.

I met an old lady that i walked with last year. So with my head phones on, my friends and her daughter by my side i set off up Uhuru Highway.

It was not as brutal as i thought it would be but it was tough.
Towards the last 1 km i began to feel blisters forming and i could not wait to finish!
I was looking around and i saw one or two women in make up running and/or walking. The sight made me balk.
I mean, what is up with that! You looked like you were dead or dying or very very sick! Ugh! Please spare us that look again. It is not attractive.

There were some fit looking men..rrrr! I hope to see you next year. Motivation if ever i needed it *wink!

Next year i will have a sun hat/cap. The sun in my eyes was no fun.

Maybe next year i will do the 21km….let’s wait and see.

Training never stops so let’s keep fit people!


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