Depression has gotten a lot of airtime in the past few months especially because world loved Robin Williams committed suicide. Wayne Brady too has come out to share his struggle. Here is the link.

Brave people come out and share your struggles.

A friend of mine has had a hard year. Let’s call him N.

He broke up with his girlfriend, work became harder to come by or just plain had impossible to please clients, he went to Nigeria for work just as the ebola quarantines were being enforced at the airport…..sigh…the hits just kept on coming.
To deal with all this, he has buried himself in the gym and work. He has ignored friends (by his own confession) and he doesn’t want to be near anyone he cares about because something bad will happen. He won’t even take my calls. He thinks he is toxic.
He wants to move out of the city and lose his phone.
This will help him pick up the pieces of his life.

This broke my heart.

I know exactly how it feels.

I was so depressed that i was taking medicines and praying to God every night to take my life.
I have been where he is.
I bet you have too.

I worry for people who are prone to depression. I think those that take medicines are better off than people like N, because they have taken the steps to see a doctor and be diagnosed and take medicines.

I myself am prone to depressive episodes. I get through them in my own way. I get out and hang out with a friend or two, work out and not let it go beyond a certain time period. This doesn’t work for everyone. There are times when it is harder than other times.

To you who may feel like the world is against you or everything is falling apart, i tell you this:
You are not alone. Somebody somewhere cares about you.
Seek help.
Look for something to make you smile everyday. I did the 100happydays and it greatly greatly helped me.

Have a mantra that will get you through the day. My mantra was: Just this minute, make it as normal as possible. I can do it.

To you Mr N., i am here for you. You too dear reader.

🙂 🙂


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