Month: December 2014

Some changes

I was messing about on the themes page and i found out i couldn’t go back to the way the site was….so i chose a whole new theme.

I hope you like it.

Not so bad, right?


Topsy Turvy

Hello helloooo.

I hope you have been well and not as busy and wound up as i have been the past few weeks.

I have been travelling between work and school, that is, between Nairobi and Nakuru, and it has been hectic to say the least.

There were rumours flying around work that i was going to loose my job, that is not a nice position to be in. When eveyone knows something is about to happen to you and keeps asking you “What’s going on with this and that?” and yet they don’t want to tell you what they know but want to know what you know so that they can go spread it. Not. Professional. At all.

All except my friend and colleague, T, who broke things down for me and told me the whole story and how to deal with it. I owe him a lot for holding my hand.

Anyway it came to pass that i did indeed lose my job, but i believe that the Lord is good and there is something in the offing for me. So i trust in that.

I have also been busy with school and it has kicked my butt.

In between i have been trying to get some running done. I haven’t been consistent but a little something is better than nothing right?

All through this upside down season of my life i have held on to the truth that: It shall pass.

God is there through everything. Remember to thank Him in the good and bad times. Even when things are going bad he is still keeping you healthy and alive.

In between