Being January, i took some time out to think about what went wrong or right last year. Taking stock of last year i realised that there was many areas that i would get started on and then for a myriad of reasons i just fall by the wayside only to start again. I realised that i have been lacking and slacking in DISCIPLINE.
This year i want to be more disciplined in every sphere of my life. I want to be more disciplined in my financial life, saving before i start paying bills in order to treat myself at the end of the year.
Fitness, when it comes to holiday time, schedule in workouts and keep them.
One of the best things about growing older is that you get to know what you can and can’t take or do. You know your limits with alcohol and bad behaviour. You begin to live your life for you and not for what you think other people will think, they think what they want to anyway and it is none of your business.
December was a crazy month financially and fitness wise and i am paying for it now…sigh..
I also want to do some more marathons and i am looking to do the First lady’s marathon in March. To that end i have started working out ..yay me!

I hope to be accountable to you and most importantly myself.
W x

I also think is the year i will begin to date again…


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