Month: March 2015


Do you ever have one of those days when you log onto whatever social media platform and it seems like everyone except you is either engaged, married, pregnant, just got a promotion..complete with pictures!? I. MEAN. EVERYONE. but sorry little old you….sigh
That is what i feel liek today.
The first 2 posts are wedding, pregnancy and other like good news.

I am happy for my friends i truly am, but sometimes i can’t help but wonder if i missed something along the way.Lord, give ma sign that it will happen for me too.


The Sun Shines

Around 4 months ago, i wrote about a friend of mine who was going through a tough time.

I titled it “Depression”

I am happy to say that yesterday he got in touch with me.

Mr N says that he is happy and feels like he is “coming out of his depressive cave” He is having more good days than bad.

To say that i am beyond elated is putting it lightly.

He even says that he feels safe with me. He trusts me.

I am so humbled by this…. He still has some ways to go, but he is on the right track. 🙂

There are times in life when one doesn’t think that what they have done/do makes an impact on anyone else’s life but their own. But the universe sends people/angels to show us that sometimes that one little thing made a big difference to someone.

So to this i tell you, friend or family member of someone who is going through depression: Give them space and time. Reassure them that they are not alone.

They just might decide to fight/work through one more day and when they do, they will find you waiting for them with a huge smile and open arms.

Mr N., i can’t wait to hang out



Something Small..

Being with someone new is confusing and exciting and scary.

What do all the nuances mean? Are there any nuances? Am i imagining things? Or not? Am i doing too much/saying too much or not enough? I remember The Ex used to do/say that when he/she meant *insert video reel here*  What if i say or do the wrong thing? Then there is the first time that you get down and do the bam bam boogie…


This is where i am.

I decided to chuck everything out the window and just went with the flow. No expectations or promises just the truth.

As Bruce Lee said: Be like water. When it is in the tea pot it becomes the tea pot. When it is in the glass, it becomes the glass.

The one thing i will not do is pretend.

I am happy. So is he.

Be happy. Be you.


Last i talked to you, i was starting the #totalfitchallenge organised by MR Shut Up & Train.

I am happy to report that i did it and completed it although this time around i cheated a bit and hence i do not feel the changes like i did when i did it last September.

I even got two other friends to be my accountability partners. They are still on it and will finish it soon.

I really needed a change from just running and it has helped kick start my running again YAY!

I am now following a running plan that i got off the internet and so far so good. I am also tracking my runs on the #strava

Very good app this. It tells you how well you have done a particular route no matter how many times you have done it. It’s really tough competing against myself.

Well, another day gone. I hope it was a good day.