Something Small..

Being with someone new is confusing and exciting and scary.

What do all the nuances mean? Are there any nuances? Am i imagining things? Or not? Am i doing too much/saying too much or not enough? I remember The Ex used to do/say that when he/she meant *insert video reel here*  What if i say or do the wrong thing? Then there is the first time that you get down and do the bam bam boogie…


This is where i am.

I decided to chuck everything out the window and just went with the flow. No expectations or promises just the truth.

As Bruce Lee said: Be like water. When it is in the tea pot it becomes the tea pot. When it is in the glass, it becomes the glass.

The one thing i will not do is pretend.

I am happy. So is he.

Be happy. Be you.


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