First Run

I went on my first run in 9 days due to shin splints….and it felt GOOOODD! *sigh*

As I dressed up, i was asking myself if i could do it. Then in response i told myself to just try, after all, my body will only go where my mind does. I started out real slow as it hurt still but i kept pushing on. I achieved my goal and i am so proud! There was some walking in between but i still was within my average pace of 8:33/km for a distance of 3.8km.

It felt like therapy!

As i watched the sun rise over the Aberdare ranges (i think) and hearing my shoes hit the tarmac and my breath fill and expand my lungs, i couldn’t help but thank God that i can run and i have the opportunity and the chance to do so.

i still intend to do the Stanchart 21k in October and i came across this: 

Great advice and it has a link to training plans that you can choose to suit you!

I will download and share with you all my training fails and successes. I plan to seriously do yoga this time around because this injury is no fun.

Lots has been going on on the job front and i could do with some prayers and positive vibrations.

In the meantime whatever your fitness regimen is, enjoy it.


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