I miss running! *wails*

I miss hearing my feet hitting the tarmac….

I miss my therapy. Shin splints suck!!

I am doing the workouts but i don’t feel like they are making me hurt. I mean, like the next day, i am not sore.

So i am tweaking them a bit…i have included tricep dips in place of crunches (i hate them) and i have added squats. Which means where there are 30 bicycles, i also do 30 squats. When i do planks, i raise my knees to my chest alternatively. I don’t know what that exercise is called. It is tough. But i like it!

I feel the burn…and i feel so proud, like a bad ass, when i complete the exercises.

I hope this strengthens my legs and core and gets the endorphins pumping.

I hope you have your endorphins pumping.



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