Back on track..

Last week i passed by the bakery i usually pass daily and don’t give a second look. I stopped and took a short look at the display case and ordered a cup of tea and one of the pastries. To be honest, it was worth it.

It melted in my mouth. I thought that it has been six months since i rewarded myself with some good cake. I dragged my feet out of there but my mouth remembered that feeling all day. That scenario was repeated for four more days *wails*

So now, I am home for a visit and my mother mentioned that i have added some weight *gasp!*

I had been feeling lethargic and not liking myself for not getting any exercise and the good endorphins going so i quickly organised a lunch date with my friend Mr N (more on him later)

I went on a long walk and a bit of jogging. I tracked it and it turns out i walked 4.8km and walked back 5.5km.

It felt so good! Energy restored and all is right with the world ooommmmmm

The interesting thing i found out the morning after is that, only my hip joints hurt. In the past when  have walked 10k, my leg muscles and Achilles hurt for days. I think it helped that i broke that walk into two.

I can say that i am back on the fitness wagon.

Don’t give up, everyone had bad days. Pick yourself up and keep going. Don’t quit. Believe in yourself.


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