Marathon training

So here i sit on rest day, and i am happy to say that i am training to run the 21k Stanchart marathon in October. I just did two runs this week but i tell you i can feel the soreness, and that makes me so happy. Means my body is getting stronger.

That gives me just about 14 weeks to train for it.

I admit that it is tough! Tougher than i thought it would be…then my knee is making it hard for me to go down stairs…So i am wondering if i should just train for the 10k…? Lord knows i want to be injury free for the rest of the year.

I am using the bupa training programme. You can google it and find out more.

If you have any links to stretches or nutritional information, please feel free to share.

I am putting my goals out there because that means that i am going to be accountable to you and myself. More importantly, i will push myself to achieve it. 


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