To Honourable Men

In honour of all men raising kids theirs -or not, single or alone for whatever reason- i say a BIG BIG HUMONGOUS THANK YOU for the great job you are doing.

From waking up all hours of the  night to soothe away a nightmare or take them for a wee, or monitoring a fever, you are a superman.

From school trips to paying the bills to sitting up and helping with homework. From holding hands to cross the street, or just to walk together and tell your little people about your childhood, you are a SUPERSTAR!

The world is infinitely better with you in it.

You make all the little girls want to marry you (or a man just like you), they will smell a bad woman a mile away; and all the boys want to grow up to be just like you.

I take off my hat to you, and i cursty in respect.


2 thoughts on “To Honourable Men

  1. This post definitely required a response as in this world there are not enough supportive comments when and where they need to be.

    And with that, let me say that a woman who can declare such thoughts about a man is quite a woman in my book.

    Again, thanks for visiting NIKWN4me.

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