Gym Visit

A friend told me about the gym he attends and i kept mentioning how i would visit and check it out. My visit didn’t look like it was going to happen as things just kept proping up and i would forget. So he told me the daily rate and made sure that i would attend it with him. So on Wednesday this week i did.

Got up early and went into town.

I found him pounding the treadmill. I was impressed.

The gym instructor got me on the pedal machine and then the treadmill for 15 minutes each. I hated the pedal machine, ugh!

While i was on the treadmill, there was a lady who walked in and started doing squats. She couldn’t get to knee level and i remember laughing inside but applauding her effort all the same. I remember thinking “Everyone has to start somewhere.” I looked to my right at the middle aged lady who was on the treadmill next to me. She was running the hell out of that machine at a speed of 8.8km/hr and i was struggling at 5.5km/hr. Humble pie.

Do not look at someone and dismiss their effort because you can do it better than them, because the next person, or that same person. can do something better than you. 

All the while through the corner of my eye, i can see my friend, K, doing lunges with a weight balancing on his shoulders…don’t know what they are called. I knew he was fit but watching him was something else. It was motivation to keep moving on the treadmill machine 😉

The gym instructor was keen to have me do squats and lunges and was pleasantly surprised that i could do them with minimum complaints. He was really keen for me to go for another session.

You know what? I think i will. And hopefully i will go with my friend K.

I found that i sweated more than when i work out at home.

It helps to be with a groups as it keeps you motivated and engaged as opposed to when you are at home and you can easy stop for extended breaks.The gym doesn’t let you do that.

Having a friend is an added bonus.

Enjoy your workouts!


One thought on “Gym Visit

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed you post on visiting the Gym and appreciate your wisdom about looking at people and dismissing their efforts. I hope you have continued success.

    Thanks for visiting NIKWN4me and for the kind and supportive words.

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