Another Gym visit

My friend and i made a date to meet at the gym this morning.

So late Friday night, i set my alarm for 5:15am so as to make it to the gym by 6 am.

I felt tired but i got up and dressed up and off i go.

Sometimes things happen that make you wonder..many things.

As i walk to they gym, i see that it is dark..why aren’t the lights on? I refuse to believe my is dark! The horror!! Many thoughts run through my mind. Why did i have to get up before 6 on a Saturday? Saturday for heavens sake!! Argh! But i went to the reception desk of the sports club and ask what time it will be open and i was told 8am. That is unacceptable. As i am walking out,  the receptionist asks me if i will be back later but i say no. I will look for another gym that is open at 6:30am. The kind gentleman then asked me if i am a member. I told him a little white lie and say i do. The one other time counts right? Right. He offered to open the gym just for me.

*play hymnal music here*  Other things happen to reassure you of hope 🙂

I thanked him but i asked to wait for my friend. So i called my pal and told him that the gym is closed. His response “What?! No way. Be serious.”

“I am serious. Just come and we see what we can do.”

When he got there i told him that it can be opened for us. The joy on his face must have mirrored mine.

Anyway so we go in and get started.

I got on the treadmill for 5 minutes, because i have to complete a challenge later today….more on that later..

I took some dumbbells and did some exercises that i got from Mr Shut Up and burpee press, renegade rows, plank kickbacks, chest fly/heel taps, squats and lunges. I also did some kicks and punches that i still remember from kickboxing class. (I really should go for a session when i am in the city.)

It was good. I was careful not to push myself too hard because later today i have to run at least 3 km so as to complete a challenge on Strava.

More on that tomorrow… 🙂

*puts feet up and eats and hydrates*


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