New Month, New Challenges

Hello! Sorry for being silent.
I’ve started a new job that has me knackered and at the same time I’m losing sleep as I find myself thinking of ways to deal with the challenges I’m facing. Imagine that, just one week in..sigh..
This new job also has me reviewing my running plans as it means I have to get up earlier in order to get my run in and be on time for work.
That means I have only managed one run this week 😦
Next Saturday I intend to do a 5k (my first ever, though I have done two 10ks)
I don’t want to do runs in the evenings as I am too tired and life gets in the way.
I hope you are doing better than I am.
I say the only way to move is forward and though it doesn’t look like it now, I am learning lots.
Happy running 🙂


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