The world is talking about the pictures of the little boy, Aydan Kurdi, who drowned and washed up on a Turkish beach. Utterly heartbreaking.

It is painful to realise that the Syrian crisis has been ongoing for the last 4 years.

I found this link to some information on the crisis and the refugees.


It is amazing, moving and humbling that some people have been moved to open up their homes to refugees.

It is also understandable that some people do not want to have the refugees in their countries as their country cannot take care of the citizens let alone refugees.

My humble opinion is that unless this situation is sorted out in their home country, the refugees will keep coming. To this end,it will be only a matter of time until the citizens will be tired of hosting refugees and will demand that they go back. There will then be an issue of racist, religious and xenophobic attacks.

I hope that this issue will be resolved soon.

To the politicians who want to sit and talk of how they will share the refugees responsibility and do back door deals and blackmail, people are desperate! This is not the time to play power games. It is wrong.

That which is morally wrong cannot be politically right.

In the meantime i will do the little i can to help. Pray. Donate.

What will you do?


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