5k that changed to 10k

Did i tell you that i was registerign for a 5k race? Well i did.

It is called the UAP Ndakaini half marathon.

At the last minute i decided to change and do the 10k.

It was to start at 11am and my friends were doing the 10 k which was to start at 10am.

The drive down was amazing. We passed lots of people on their way to the marathon. I mean like bus loads and cars full of energixed folks. The views were amazing. Lots of lush greenery.

When we got to the venue we got parking and started what seemed to be a never endign walk to the start line. It ended up being 3.5km. Talk about a warm up.

When we started the run, it was downhill and i was feeling upbeat and strong. I even paced a lady who belongs to a slimming group that features on telly. Felt so good.

As i got to the 3km, it began to hit me the magnitude of what i was doing. The hills seemed to be never ending and i knew there were more.

As i got to the 5km mark, i was happy to see officials standing with cartons of water (what else could it have been?) My joy did not get too far up on the scale once i noticed they were empty and they did not look too happy at the volley of questions that the participants ahead of me were asking.

I did not disappoint.

“Is the water coming?”

A slight hesitation. “It’s on the way.”

Any hesitation is bound to lead to a lie.

We both knew that i was not going to wait for it.

“There is water ahead.”

“I hope so. ”

I walked on muttering to myself that i will never do a Ndakaini marathon again.

As i navigated a particularly steep hill, I looked at my phone and it said that i was on the 8.5km mark. It felt more like 11km but oh well.

As i navigated the hill, i was hit by the most unexpected view. The dam stretched out before my eyes and it (dare i say it), it was worth it.

I of course stopped and took pictures of the island, water tower to add to the collection of pictures that i had taken.

When i got the finish line, it was a mess of disorganisation that would have me go to the finish line, and then walk back about 800m backwards and then another 3km to the car.

I didn’t.

I just walked the 3k back to the car.

Overall, i am glad i did the race. But i will not be doing it in a hurry.

I met a friend there who told me that it is usually disorganised. That a lack of water should not surprise me. It is a regular occurence at that particular race. however, that the fact that it started just a half hour later than planned/advertised is a big improvement from previous years.

Would i do it again? Maybe.

Would i advise anyone to do it? Yes, with some precautions thrown in like, carry enough water on the run.

I am glad i did it. 🙂

In the meantime i am trying to train for the Stanchart half marathon.


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