It’s been a while

Hello dear reader.

It’s been a minute. A lot’s been happening.

It’s been a busy with my new job and finding my footing back in the city. I was also unwell for about two weeks with a cold and then a bad cough… I am, however, happy to report that things are settling down.

I have been running (though not consistently) and i joined a running community on Google + where we challenge and motivate each other. It has greatly helped me as it keeps me accountable to my fellow runners ๐Ÿ™‚

Stanchart Nairobi marathon is almost here (October 25th) and in a moment of madness i registered for the half marathon.

I have been talking about doing it, gotten discouraged, and then decided to do it. If not now, then when??

To that end, i decided to run 10ks in my neighbourhood. It was exhilarating and tiring. I was struggling to get to the 5k mark but some runners came up behind me, encouraged me to join them and voila i did better than i thought i could ๐Ÿ™‚ I love runners. They run half marathons every weekend. I’ll make a point of running with them.

I suffered from a mild headache all day that got steadily worse as the day wound down. I called it a night two hours early, only to wake up at midnight as fresh as a daisy. I hope that will not happen on race day.

So here i am on the cusp of a new adventure, a new challenge. I intend to put my best foot forward, walk (mostly) and run (a little bit) and make a few new friends.

God willing, in all the marathons i’ll participate in next year, i’ll do 21kms and improve my time.

Today i feel a mild soreness in my quads and sides but i welcome it because it means i worked out a bit hard yesterday.

Happy running/exercising.


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