Interesting life moments

Life is interesting. That moment when you call your ‘friend’ and she pretends not to know you and hangs up on you saying “it’s late” and yet it’s just 8:30pm. A few days later you meet her dad in the supermarket, you wave and a avoid him because next you know he will ask “You’re lost. Why don’t you come round?” And you can’t very well tell him what his child did/behaved like.

Or that guy you’ve been talking with tells you/offers to show you a good time of an orgasmic nature,only without the sex. You’ve never not sampled it without the sex but you’re willing to try. When you say as much, the silence from his end is so loud. So you put him down as a talker,no action.

Another moment is when you realise you really like a guy. You call, have funny conversations where you both laugh and hang up smiling. Thing is, you’re the one who calls,all the time. Time for a change. Except you almost know his number by heart. You wanna call for no other reason other than to just hear his voice..hear him laugh..this is how men are in relationships without knowing they are in relationships. He won’t even realise I stopped calling until months later and I may be in another relationship by then (real or imagined) and disappointed by his total blindness. Oh, how I hope it doesn’t go that way.
A special life moment is when a grandparent looks upon their grandchild with love, the world just lights up.
In all its interesting moments,the best are when you listen to the laughter of children or have a good belly laugh, at yourself preferably.


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