For the fighters

A story.
A man has a lot of choices. And these choices made in life are rarely perfect. So he decides to sign a contract. Because he wants to make a difference. He wants to save this world. Make it a better place.
The consequences are punishing. Unforgiving.
He questions why he ever signed the contract.
So what’s the fucking point? I guess the point’s responsibility of duty. Love of country. A way of life.
Are we on the right side of this? These aren’t our questions to ask.
I don’t fight for me. I fight for you who is on my side. So that you can have the opportunity to make a difference.
That is how we make the unforgiving, forgivable. And if we’re lucky, somewhere in all the fighting and dying, we discover hope. And those who killed and bled and died will always be with us. Their families will have to live with the unbearable demands of their ultimate sacrifice.
And those of us who make it home, we never really leave our brothers behind. We always remember. We are fighters.


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