Time Out.

Mr. S, he doesn’t know this but he has opened my eyes. Challenged me, since last year, to look critically at my world, my life, my country.
To take a deep breath and really listen to what he is always talking about. See if there is any merit to his claims about the state of the nation.
It’s been a..change.
More aware if what is. I take conversation, statements made with a pinch of salt. I also look at the world with more caution.

So as I sit here and try not to drown too much in this quagmire of lies and madness I look to him, for him who set me on this path to talk opinions out and see how off base i am, or not, and he is..gone.
Just gone. Silent.
The man who gives me a mind fuck every time we hang out is unreachable. Radio silent. SH*T!!

..le sigh..
I know where and why he is where he is. A sabbatical. A time out from the world. I understand, we all need a break from the world  from time to time, but damn!

When you get back I hope I’ll have done you proud.


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