Month: May 2016


I have realised that i have been living life at a speed that is not good for me and is causing more harm than good. Because i am missing so much!

Like i start a conversation with a friend/s and i know what they will say next and probably why they will say it. I wonder why no one else sees what i see and so i come across as brusque and arrogant because in my head i have already had the conversation. Sometimes people have said something so totally different and unexpected and of course that has caused me to stop and really listen, and apologise, before i’m off again at top speed.

Recently i have made a conscious choice to slow down and really listen and be in the moment. Just because i know that that lady or gentleman will take a left doesn’t mean i should take a right just to sidestep them and get to wherever i am getting to just a bit faster.

I am taking the time to look at their faces and guess what is going on in their lives and maybe grab them before they hit the ground as they stumble, receive a deep thank you and smile. And maybe, this being Africa, they will remember me and wave next time we meet wherever we meet.

I am really listening to shows when i watch them and thus not having to watch them a second and third time unless i really enjoyed them and not just to have a conversational piece but to really feel it.

It has been a humbling experience learning more about my world and seeing more, hearing more.

This has led to me being a lot calmer. I didn’t realise how clenched my being was.

In this very small way, the universe is teaching me anew about life and my world. So far, so good. 🙂


Self Love


When building a house, many bricks are discarded for various reasons; cracks, size is inaccurate or colour.
Eventually the house is completed. Discarded bricks are reused in various ways or thrown away.
Either way,they played their part in the construction.
Same thing happens with us.
Good and bad things happen, but somehow we only let the bad change us. Drag us down.
Be like the builder and learn from mistakes and use them to make you better at your craft, relationship, job..
Think of it as a revolutionary act against the tide of negativity. I think everyone secretly wants to do the opposite of what the law or society dictates or expects.

Thought for the week:
All my parts are different but all are beautiful in their own way, even the bad.
Every act of self love is a revolutionary act. And I am all about revolutions 🙂

Don’t/Stop Doubting Yourself

I underestimate myself a lot..or rather I should say I used to underestimate myself a lot. (Still working on it)

I never thought I’d get out of that relationship.
Get over that guy, ugh!
Run more than 2k turns out I had been doing 5ks.
Do a half marathon.
Put that bitchy colleague in her place.
Get a handle on the darkness that perches on my head (still not sure I have)
Move to another town..
The list is endless.

What I do know is that I keep trying.
Suggestions are given about trying a new strategy at work. Dress like this. Go for that event. Eat this. Run this route.

All I say is that I will give it a shot. Most important, I ask myself if I think I can do it versus if I want to do it versus do I have to do it.
I like to try so that there are less regrets later you know?

I noticed that when I don’t doubt myself, I’m happier, more confident and get more done. Not to mention that I surprise myself when I do more than I thought I could 🙂

I feel powerful when i don’t underestimate myself.
You will too.

How do you do it?

Once upon a long time ago, survival for me was waking up and getting out of bed. Going to class and getting back into bed… Basically going through the motions.

Now I survive in different ways, going for a run, seeing friends through dark times and cake.
Sometimes someone sees through the façade and I crumble, it helps that someone knows the truth.

Looking back I see that I too have survived and overcome.

Trust yourself. You’ll survive too.
You’re a survivor too.

Monday motivation

We all have that colleague or customer who makes you cringe whenever you see them and basically have a bad attitude towards them and the workplace in general. Always on your guard when you are in the same general area.
This is for you (and me)


If anyone tries to make you think less of yourself, just say this in your head “I am THE shit!” and smile 🙂

I think I have done my good deed of the day 🙂


Life would be incomplete without you.
The loving. The scolding.
The advice, tears and laughter.
Your smile.
That look you give to stop misbehaving.
The look that encourages us.
Protection from ourselves.

You are.. Superwomen!
Thank you.
Love you always.