Don’t/Stop Doubting Yourself

I underestimate myself a lot..or rather I should say I used to underestimate myself a lot. (Still working on it)

I never thought I’d get out of that relationship.
Get over that guy, ugh!
Run more than 2k turns out I had been doing 5ks.
Do a half marathon.
Put that bitchy colleague in her place.
Get a handle on the darkness that perches on my head (still not sure I have)
Move to another town..
The list is endless.

What I do know is that I keep trying.
Suggestions are given about trying a new strategy at work. Dress like this. Go for that event. Eat this. Run this route.

All I say is that I will give it a shot. Most important, I ask myself if I think I can do it versus if I want to do it versus do I have to do it.
I like to try so that there are less regrets later you know?

I noticed that when I don’t doubt myself, I’m happier, more confident and get more done. Not to mention that I surprise myself when I do more than I thought I could 🙂

I feel powerful when i don’t underestimate myself.
You will too.


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