Self Love


When building a house, many bricks are discarded for various reasons; cracks, size is inaccurate or colour.
Eventually the house is completed. Discarded bricks are reused in various ways or thrown away.
Either way,they played their part in the construction.
Same thing happens with us.
Good and bad things happen, but somehow we only let the bad change us. Drag us down.
Be like the builder and learn from mistakes and use them to make you better at your craft, relationship, job..
Think of it as a revolutionary act against the tide of negativity. I think everyone secretly wants to do the opposite of what the law or society dictates or expects.

Thought for the week:
All my parts are different but all are beautiful in their own way, even the bad.
Every act of self love is a revolutionary act. And I am all about revolutions 🙂


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