I have realised that i have been living life at a speed that is not good for me and is causing more harm than good. Because i am missing so much!

Like i start a conversation with a friend/s and i know what they will say next and probably why they will say it. I wonder why no one else sees what i see and so i come across as brusque and arrogant because in my head i have already had the conversation. Sometimes people have said something so totally different and unexpected and of course that has caused me to stop and really listen, and apologise, before i’m off again at top speed.

Recently i have made a conscious choice to slow down and really listen and be in the moment. Just because i know that that lady or gentleman will take a left doesn’t mean i should take a right just to sidestep them and get to wherever i am getting to just a bit faster.

I am taking the time to look at their faces and guess what is going on in their lives and maybe grab them before they hit the ground as they stumble, receive a deep thank you and smile. And maybe, this being Africa, they will remember me and wave next time we meet wherever we meet.

I am really listening to shows when i watch them and thus not having to watch them a second and third time unless i really enjoyed them and not just to have a conversational piece but to really feel it.

It has been a humbling experience learning more about my world and seeing more, hearing more.

This has led to me being a lot calmer. I didn’t realise how clenched my being was.

In this very small way, the universe is teaching me anew about life and my world. So far, so good. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Relearning

  1. If more people – even though what I really want to say is, IF EVERYONE – slowed down and paid attention to one another, there would be greater understanding and compassion in the world. So you are doing a powerful thing for your own life AND for all those with whom you come in contact. Kudos and gratitude.

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