Month: March 2017

Of elixirs and rejuvenation

via Daily Prompt: Elixir

It feels like it’s been a long few days.

I need to be held, to be made to laugh straight from my belly till my eyes tear. I need to be held. I wanna go home.

I feel tired, like i need to be rejuvenated by something..i just don’t know what..sigh… Could this be homesickness?

I went for some runs last week and that felt good.

I keep thinking of going for some runs this week but this cough that threatens to get worse but no promises of getting better makes me think twice. I don’t want to wake up with a horrible cough that could have me bedridden.

Some things at work are beginning to get me down. I’m trying not to let them affect me but…it is what it is. I hope that this is a temporary feeling.

I don’t know what my elixir could be. Maybe a good night’s sleep. Maybe getting over this cough or some company of the male persuasion or a few glasses of wine. Or it could just be that i need to give myself some time. It is said that time makes everything better.

I hope you’re doing better. Perhaps you could offer me some suggestions of elixir..?