Elevation and Inspiration

A few weeks ago i found out that my health is not where it should be.

To be honestly the past year i have let things slide; eating lots of white bread, eating out. Yes, i could feel it, see it and so did the rest of the world.

I didn’t know what’s wrong and i’m scared of finding out..ignorance is bliss and all that..

I still don’t know what exactly is not right but i know that diet and exercise always sort things out for me, and it’s also what the doctor recommended. So exactly a year from my big move and when my slacking began, i am now firmly taking control of my health and the choices that will affect my quality of life in the future.

So far, it’s been a week and it’s been good. I am eating more salads and exercising three times a week-it could be more but i have been lazy, gotta start somewhere though. I also want to ease my body back into it. I have to remind myself to think twice about that bar of chocolate or sweet that i am offered.

It also helps that i have some races that i would like to do (hopefully work can make that happen) but most of all if i can fit into what i could a year or three ago, i’d be elated.

Here i am seeking to elevate and inspire myself.

Here’s to me and you!


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