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5k that changed to 10k

Did i tell you that i was registerign for a 5k race? Well i did.

It is called the UAP Ndakaini half marathon.

At the last minute i decided to change and do the 10k.

It was to start at 11am and my friends were doing the 10 k which was to start at 10am.

The drive down was amazing. We passed lots of people on their way to the marathon. I mean like bus loads and cars full of energixed folks. The views were amazing. Lots of lush greenery.

When we got to the venue we got parking and started what seemed to be a never endign walk to the start line. It ended up being 3.5km. Talk about a warm up.

When we started the run, it was downhill and i was feeling upbeat and strong. I even paced a lady who belongs to a slimming group that features on telly. Felt so good.

As i got to the 3km, it began to hit me the magnitude of what i was doing. The hills seemed to be never ending and i knew there were more.

As i got to the 5km mark, i was happy to see officials standing with cartons of water (what else could it have been?) My joy did not get too far up on the scale once i noticed they were empty and they did not look too happy at the volley of questions that the participants ahead of me were asking.

I did not disappoint.

“Is the water coming?”

A slight hesitation. “It’s on the way.”

Any hesitation is bound to lead to a lie.

We both knew that i was not going to wait for it.

“There is water ahead.”

“I hope so. ”

I walked on muttering to myself that i will never do a Ndakaini marathon again.

As i navigated a particularly steep hill, I looked at my phone and it said that i was on the 8.5km mark. It felt more like 11km but oh well.

As i navigated the hill, i was hit by the most unexpected view. The dam stretched out before my eyes and it (dare i say it), it was worth it.

I of course stopped and took pictures of the island, water tower to add to the collection of pictures that i had taken.

When i got the finish line, it was a mess of disorganisation that would have me go to the finish line, and then walk back about 800m backwards and then another 3km to the car.

I didn’t.

I just walked the 3k back to the car.

Overall, i am glad i did the race. But i will not be doing it in a hurry.

I met a friend there who told me that it is usually disorganised. That a lack of water should not surprise me. It is a regular occurence at that particular race. however, that the fact that it started just a half hour later than planned/advertised is a big improvement from previous years.

Would i do it again? Maybe.

Would i advise anyone to do it? Yes, with some precautions thrown in like, carry enough water on the run.

I am glad i did it. 🙂

In the meantime i am trying to train for the Stanchart half marathon.


Gym Visit

A friend told me about the gym he attends and i kept mentioning how i would visit and check it out. My visit didn’t look like it was going to happen as things just kept proping up and i would forget. So he told me the daily rate and made sure that i would attend it with him. So on Wednesday this week i did.

Got up early and went into town.

I found him pounding the treadmill. I was impressed.

The gym instructor got me on the pedal machine and then the treadmill for 15 minutes each. I hated the pedal machine, ugh!

While i was on the treadmill, there was a lady who walked in and started doing squats. She couldn’t get to knee level and i remember laughing inside but applauding her effort all the same. I remember thinking “Everyone has to start somewhere.” I looked to my right at the middle aged lady who was on the treadmill next to me. She was running the hell out of that machine at a speed of 8.8km/hr and i was struggling at 5.5km/hr. Humble pie.

Do not look at someone and dismiss their effort because you can do it better than them, because the next person, or that same person. can do something better than you. 

All the while through the corner of my eye, i can see my friend, K, doing lunges with a weight balancing on his shoulders…don’t know what they are called. I knew he was fit but watching him was something else. It was motivation to keep moving on the treadmill machine 😉

The gym instructor was keen to have me do squats and lunges and was pleasantly surprised that i could do them with minimum complaints. He was really keen for me to go for another session.

You know what? I think i will. And hopefully i will go with my friend K.

I found that i sweated more than when i work out at home.

It helps to be with a groups as it keeps you motivated and engaged as opposed to when you are at home and you can easy stop for extended breaks.The gym doesn’t let you do that.

Having a friend is an added bonus.

Enjoy your workouts!

Marathon training

So here i sit on rest day, and i am happy to say that i am training to run the 21k Stanchart marathon in October. I just did two runs this week but i tell you i can feel the soreness, and that makes me so happy. Means my body is getting stronger.

That gives me just about 14 weeks to train for it.

I admit that it is tough! Tougher than i thought it would be…then my knee is making it hard for me to go down stairs…So i am wondering if i should just train for the 10k…? Lord knows i want to be injury free for the rest of the year.

I am using the bupa training programme. You can google it and find out more.

If you have any links to stretches or nutritional information, please feel free to share.

I am putting my goals out there because that means that i am going to be accountable to you and myself. More importantly, i will push myself to achieve it. 



When i went on my long walk,i did a short run to test my shins and to my joyous surprise, the splints were gone WOOHOO!

After a month of strength training and no running it was good to jog without pain.

I did a short run in the beginning of and i found out that i had run the fastest ever time in 13 runs.

Rest truly does work wonders for the body.

I think i can start on my training for the half marathon in October though i will take it a lot slower this time around and not push myself so hard. Now that i know better, i will add a lot more strength training and yoga to my regimen, along with vegetables.

I may have to start lower than where i left off but that ‘s ok. In life mistakes are there to teach you lessons.

Failure can each us lessons that success cannot.

Happy running.

Back on track..

Last week i passed by the bakery i usually pass daily and don’t give a second look. I stopped and took a short look at the display case and ordered a cup of tea and one of the pastries. To be honest, it was worth it.

It melted in my mouth. I thought that it has been six months since i rewarded myself with some good cake. I dragged my feet out of there but my mouth remembered that feeling all day. That scenario was repeated for four more days *wails*

So now, I am home for a visit and my mother mentioned that i have added some weight *gasp!*

I had been feeling lethargic and not liking myself for not getting any exercise and the good endorphins going so i quickly organised a lunch date with my friend Mr N (more on him later)

I went on a long walk and a bit of jogging. I tracked it and it turns out i walked 4.8km and walked back 5.5km.

It felt so good! Energy restored and all is right with the world ooommmmmm

The interesting thing i found out the morning after is that, only my hip joints hurt. In the past when  have walked 10k, my leg muscles and Achilles hurt for days. I think it helped that i broke that walk into two.

I can say that i am back on the fitness wagon.

Don’t give up, everyone had bad days. Pick yourself up and keep going. Don’t quit. Believe in yourself.

Runner Renewed

It’s been two weeks since i took a break from running due to shin splints.
During this time I have suffered withdrawal symptoms – who would have thought?..moodiness, lethargy, sluggishness, i think this cold and cough is a withdrawal symptom…
I had said that i would start running again on the first of June (today)
This morning i couldn’t wake up in time (it’s good to be honest) Seems my body got used to sleeping in. So i intend to run this evening.
I am excited and a little scared….
From now henceforth i intend to do more mountain climbers, yoga on alternate days as well as strength exercises.
Hopefully this will help.

I will be sure to keep you posted.
Happy running all!

Kickboxing :-(

After a few reschedules unfortunately, i didn’t manage to attend the class as i fell sick and i was busy running across town, lugging a big bag around in Nairobi traffic…not cool.

I was so looking forward to it. Another time *fingers crossed*

I am getting better now, the cough is almost gone and my shin splints are gone..hurray!

I cannot wait to lace them up and take them on the road *happy dance*

I hope you, dear reader are not having the issues that i am.