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Frustrating Hair Days

Yes i said it! Frustrating hair days. Not to be confused with bad hair days.

The days i am talking about are when you just do not know what to do with the crown that is on your head.

I mean, you could style it like this.. No i did that last week/yesterday. Or i could tie a bun. No it is either won’t be big enough or it will be too big. I have to go to the salon. Either not enough money or you just want to do something different. you could tie it in a turban, however given this Nairobi heat, that is not the best option available.

No option seems to work!

At such a time it is OK TO HATE YOUR HAIR. It is impatient and frustrating to deal with just like a little toddler can be. You wish you didn’t know what you do about heat damage…sigh

So you know what i did, i let it be. For two whole weeks *gasp*

I went to the salon  and had it washed and then i just let it lie. All i did was put some jojoba oil on my scalp.

An interesting thing happened: I enjoyed the break and so did my hair. I saw a growth spurt in my hair when i finally relocked the roots. 🙂

Sometimes just like a toddler it just wants to be left alone for a while and then it will come back to you in all its glory and good behaviour 🙂

I learned that this period of letting go is SO WORTH IT and i truly love my mane of dreadlocks. It is how the Good Lord made me and i wouldn’t change it for a thing!!

The pros of being natural/nappy head outweigh the cons.

To all of you who are just starting out on the natural hair journey or who are considering jumping ship and to those who are frustrated, don’t be. You are not alone.

All you’ve got to do is just learn to accept your hair and its quirks there is only so much you can do about it. Just let go and get on with your life. It takes a lot of time and patience. In my 6 year dreadlock (12 year natural) journey some days i feel like i am just starting out.

Happy Thursday!


Hair Care

I haven’t written about hair care in a while. This was inspired by my current feelings of bleugh towards my hair.

In between training (not very consistently) for the marathon, i have let my hair go.

These dreads have started to resemble the free forming dreads.

You know, kinda like the ones sported by Bob Marley and Lauryn Hill.

This is what it kinda looks like.

This is because it is becoming difficult to fix them every so often and i am working out quite a bit.

In addition to this, i have become quite busy over the weekends. My retouch is two weeks overdue and i am very tempted to just let them be or cut them (too drastic though)

At the moment, i have had it washed and oil with Jojoba oil. I love it!!

As i wondered what to do to my hair and how to do it, i realised that they have not been moisturised in a while; and they do need to be moisturised regularly and deep conditioned.

Maybe yours needs it too.


  • Do not use products that will cause build up. Avoid products that have mineral oil as their base such as beeswax and shea butter. They can leave behind a residue that accumulates and collects grime over time. When starting out you can shop around for alternate products such as Stylin Dredz Moulding Gel.
  • Wrap your locks in a silk scarf at night to prevent them from loosing moisture and lint free.

Essential oils

Again and again my scalp has gotten inflammed and irritated during salon visits due to too much heat under the dryer. My pet peeve.

One of my friends told me about essential oils and their benefits.

  • Vitamin E repairs hair and skin damage that has been caused by the environment or stress.
  • Lemon, Rosemary and Tea tree oil as a treatment for dry scalp
  • Basil promotes hair growth
  • Lavender and Peppermint for dry hair, promotes hair growth

So far i have only tried Tea tree oil and i could feel my scalp thanking me 🙂

Deep Conditioning

I try to be as natural as possible. I use half a tub of the smallest natural yoghurt, which i get from Nakumatt at around 50/-. I mix with regular vinegar. I don’t make it too runny to avoid dripping it everywhere.

I keep it on for about 30 mins with a shower cap on. Rinse it out thoroughly. And my hair is changed into soft and supple strands!! I love it when it is in this state.

I then proceed on to lock it with Stylin Dredz Moulding Gel.

In the meantime, i will just let them be and do their thing.

Hair and Fitness

So in the quest for fitness i have come up with a challenge: How to handle my hair during work out sessions.

I have seen lots of ladies with sweatbands to catch the sweat and prevent it from getting into the eyes, but my question has always been how to handle the sweat from the middle of the head..

One thing i have learnt is that it is essential to clean the scalp after working out because the sweat build up, oil and bacteria could cause eruptions on the face or an itchy scalp. Not good.

What  i have found that works for me is to leave it out in the open. (Washing dreadlocks after every workout session is not practical)

First things first, you could tie a sweatband. For those with long hair you could tie it in a loose bun and then let it air out afterwards. You could also wash it out with plain water-depends on how fast your hair dries though.

Alternatively, you could rinse it out with plain water, tie some twists and then undo them in a few hours or the next day.

There is also the option of using water and tea tree oil in a spray bottle or a mild shampoo, and then spritzing it into your hair after a session. Tea tree oil has great anti bacterial properties that is a plus to your scalp. A massage will also be beneficial. I hope this helps you during your fitness sessions. 🙂 



I have a healthy head of 6 and a half year old dreadlocks.

i had promised to write about hair so here i am starting out with the different types of dreadlocks there are.

Free forming

These are the ones seen on Bob Marley and Rastafarians.

These come about when you do absolutely nothing to your hair. Anyone can do them even they with fine, soft hair. It’s easy on the pocket as you do not have to go for salon visits. Unfortunately it could take up to a year to form locked locs. If you are a bit of a control freak like i am, they will not work for you as they will be out of control and will be uneven.


I had to look this up and i came across this site

They say that they are formed as a result of a precision parting grid and the use of a specialised tool that places the hair into its locking formation. Typically they require a loctician. Generally they allow for more versatility when it comes to styling.


This is the more common way of doing locs.

This is when the root of the dreads are twisted using wax into the locking formation. More people than not use this method. This style gives more control over how the dreads form. The finished work should look something like this:

As a general rule you should have your products with you.

Styling gel/wax this holds the hair together until the next wash

Leave in conditioner this keeps the hair moisturised and provides nutrients to keep it healthy


  • It is important to do wash your dreads as often as you want. The recommended time is 3-5 weeks to give it time to lock. Depending on your lifestyle it could be less time.
  • Twist/roll them regularly so as to prevent them from fusing together. You can twist/roll them in any direction (clockwise or anticlockwise) but maintain the direction for the as long as you have dreads.