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That word invokes feelings, thoughts, images and memories of yourself with that person with whom the passion was electric, unexpected. Or maybe even someone you wish you would roll with in bed or the car..It is mind-blowing.

There are those times when your imagination was more powerful than the real thing and what a downer that is.

On your walk in this planet, I hope the reality is..well better than you could ever have imagined 😉



Life has been busy!!

I’m settled in now it’s just that it seems that a curveball is thrown my way every week..more and more admin stuff at work but i look at it as a learning curve..ugh! But it’s gotta get done.

I signed up for the local annual run. I know i have not trained to even walk a half so i decided to register for the 5k on the Saturday and the 10k on the Sunday-happening on the last weekend of November.

Happily i have started training, but unhappily i am suffering from dehydration headaches soon after(or at least i think that is the cause) This happened twice. It also doesn’t help that one can’t go two/three hundred meters without coming across a hill (damn i miss the flatness of Kenya)

So do i give up? No. I just try and try again. More water and veggies in my diet and i hope that that will sort it out, because i can’t imagine not participating.

It has been an irksome development but what is life without some of these things right.

Wish me luck in my training and i hope you are pushing through whatever life is throwing your way.

Self love; Live free!

​Days upon days it looks like life or stuff is more difficult than its worth. 

Well, sometimes I may be so, but it doesn’t have to be so. 

Humans tend to complicate things unnecessarily (think government bureaucracy or big corporations) 

The world may be falling apart, jobless, divorce, death, that’s what you see; but it may actually be falling into place. Cliche I know, but also true; I also know that 🙂 

Seasons come and go. Take a deep breath. Live minute to minute; breath to breath and that which hurts so bad right now and has you at rock bottom is your stepping stone to brighter times. It’s not the end of the world. Not even close.

You only have this life to live. You could for a certain period of time, go on a sabbatical from life (or flip the bird) 

Come on, live your life because you don’t live twice. Live free!


So much chaos in the world. #southsudan #kapenguria #iraq #turkey #france 

Lord help us. 

As someone said: 

Retweeted Oyunga Pala (@realoyungapala):

 #turkeycoup An attempted coup, state of emergency in France, a secession movement Britain. Europe 2016 is Africa of the 60s

Self Love Sunday


Honestly, the simpler stuff is the better our understanding of it will be.
I suppose that’s why they statement: Explain it to me like I was a five year old.
I guess if you can’t them you don’t understand it either.
Life doesn’t have to be as complicated as we make it out to be.
Keep It Simple Stupid – KISS
I suppose international issues like Syria, Pakistan vs India, Palestine vs Israel, bureaucratic red tape, politics as a whole would be rendered mundane and time consuming.
..sigh.. or maybe I’m the one who doesn’t understand why and how things got so tangled up.
I don’t care.
There is always a better simpler way to work things out. Once we really really understand that, there will be a lot more smiles and happiness in the world.


Self Love


When building a house, many bricks are discarded for various reasons; cracks, size is inaccurate or colour.
Eventually the house is completed. Discarded bricks are reused in various ways or thrown away.
Either way,they played their part in the construction.
Same thing happens with us.
Good and bad things happen, but somehow we only let the bad change us. Drag us down.
Be like the builder and learn from mistakes and use them to make you better at your craft, relationship, job..
Think of it as a revolutionary act against the tide of negativity. I think everyone secretly wants to do the opposite of what the law or society dictates or expects.

Thought for the week:
All my parts are different but all are beautiful in their own way, even the bad.
Every act of self love is a revolutionary act. And I am all about revolutions 🙂