So much chaos in the world. #southsudan #kapenguria #iraq #turkey #france 

Lord help us. 

As someone said: 

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 #turkeycoup An attempted coup, state of emergency in France, a secession movement Britain. Europe 2016 is Africa of the 60s

Oh Well

Two weeks ago I was supposed to do a half marathon. 

That didn’t happen. 

My body was tired and it just refused to get out of bed.. sigh…

And then I got sick with a bad cold/flu. 

Now I’m better so onwards and upwards 🙂 

Be Like Water

Last week i signed up for a half marathon with minimum training. The Sotokoto Half Marathon. They only have the 21k distance and 5k.

When i say minimum i mean that i was a week into training for the annual Stanchart marathon. I’ve been looking for another run to do as opposed to the regular First Lady’s marathon in March and Stanchart in October.

A day later i was wondering what i had gotten myself into. I mean, yes i run regularly but nowhere near  a half marathon distance, i mean, my long run is 12k.

Anyway best foot forward, some hill runs, yoga and cross training right? Right. Wrong, Mother Nature said.

I have come down with a bout of tonsilitis and a cold. This run is beginning to look like wishful thinking. Of course i hope to get to do the run; i won’t chase time, just do it.

But life is like that. You just deal with the hand you’ve been dealt.

As Bruce Lee said: Water can flow or it can crash. Be water my friend.

Be like water

So i will be like water, see how i feel come Sunday and do what i gotta.

Self Love Sunday


Honestly, the simpler stuff is the better our understanding of it will be.
I suppose that’s why they statement: Explain it to me like I was a five year old.
I guess if you can’t them you don’t understand it either.
Life doesn’t have to be as complicated as we make it out to be.
Keep It Simple Stupid – KISS
I suppose international issues like Syria, Pakistan vs India, Palestine vs Israel, bureaucratic red tape, politics as a whole would be rendered mundane and time consuming.
..sigh.. or maybe I’m the one who doesn’t understand why and how things got so tangled up.
I don’t care.
There is always a better simpler way to work things out. Once we really really understand that, there will be a lot more smiles and happiness in the world.



I have realised that i have been living life at a speed that is not good for me and is causing more harm than good. Because i am missing so much!

Like i start a conversation with a friend/s and i know what they will say next and probably why they will say it. I wonder why no one else sees what i see and so i come across as brusque and arrogant because in my head i have already had the conversation. Sometimes people have said something so totally different and unexpected and of course that has caused me to stop and really listen, and apologise, before i’m off again at top speed.

Recently i have made a conscious choice to slow down and really listen and be in the moment. Just because i know that that lady or gentleman will take a left doesn’t mean i should take a right just to sidestep them and get to wherever i am getting to just a bit faster.

I am taking the time to look at their faces and guess what is going on in their lives and maybe grab them before they hit the ground as they stumble, receive a deep thank you and smile. And maybe, this being Africa, they will remember me and wave next time we meet wherever we meet.

I am really listening to shows when i watch them and thus not having to watch them a second and third time unless i really enjoyed them and not just to have a conversational piece but to really feel it.

It has been a humbling experience learning more about my world and seeing more, hearing more.

This has led to me being a lot calmer. I didn’t realise how clenched my being was.

In this very small way, the universe is teaching me anew about life and my world. So far, so good. 🙂

Self Love


When building a house, many bricks are discarded for various reasons; cracks, size is inaccurate or colour.
Eventually the house is completed. Discarded bricks are reused in various ways or thrown away.
Either way,they played their part in the construction.
Same thing happens with us.
Good and bad things happen, but somehow we only let the bad change us. Drag us down.
Be like the builder and learn from mistakes and use them to make you better at your craft, relationship, job..
Think of it as a revolutionary act against the tide of negativity. I think everyone secretly wants to do the opposite of what the law or society dictates or expects.

Thought for the week:
All my parts are different but all are beautiful in their own way, even the bad.
Every act of self love is a revolutionary act. And I am all about revolutions 🙂