So much to tell you…

So much has happened in the last month and a half. As a tree spreads its branches, i am spreading the reach of my mind, arms and life experiences.

I moved countries for work!!  YAY!

God is amazing i tell you.

I had a smooth flight to Libreville, Gabon and i  was taken to my new apartment…everything was dandy. I could not wait to go to the beach…my toes were calling out for it.

But…the election results hadn’t been announced just yet so i had to wait.

Then there were plumes of smoke as people took to the streets. It is scary no matter the scale and number of people.

I was indoors with other colleagues and we got to hang out and get to know each other a bit.

When i got out and about i discovered that i love (absolutely love) the baguettes. They are made fresh daily everywhere. YUMMY!! And pizzerias are all over the place. In Kenya i was eating and living a diabetic lifestyle but here it is next to impossible. I found brown bread, finally, but no brown rice..and lack of exercise 😦

School is in session and so far so good.

The only challenge for me is that this is a French speaking country and i have to brush up on my rusty and dusty French. I welcome the challenge.

i have been slacking on my exercise and i am feeling like a whale. I have tried to get out and run but the humidity is thick and i feel like it is just sitting on my chest when i attempt a short jog; but i will do my best.

I know i won’t do the half marathon that is coming up in November but i definitely want to/have to do the 10k.





Complications happen when we listen to other people tell us or what we should do about every bit of our lives.

Uncomplicate yourself. Free yourself from that which you think/know is holding you back. It’s all in your head, I promise. 
The sense of freedom you will feel will make you truly unfuckwithable!! 

Good luck! 

Self love; Live free!

​Days upon days it looks like life or stuff is more difficult than its worth. 

Well, sometimes I may be so, but it doesn’t have to be so. 

Humans tend to complicate things unnecessarily (think government bureaucracy or big corporations) 

The world may be falling apart, jobless, divorce, death, that’s what you see; but it may actually be falling into place. Cliche I know, but also true; I also know that 🙂 

Seasons come and go. Take a deep breath. Live minute to minute; breath to breath and that which hurts so bad right now and has you at rock bottom is your stepping stone to brighter times. It’s not the end of the world. Not even close.

You only have this life to live. You could for a certain period of time, go on a sabbatical from life (or flip the bird) 

Come on, live your life because you don’t live twice. Live free!


So much chaos in the world. #southsudan #kapenguria #iraq #turkey #france 

Lord help us. 

As someone said: 

Retweeted Oyunga Pala (@realoyungapala):

 #turkeycoup An attempted coup, state of emergency in France, a secession movement Britain. Europe 2016 is Africa of the 60s

Oh Well

Two weeks ago I was supposed to do a half marathon. 

That didn’t happen. 

My body was tired and it just refused to get out of bed.. sigh…

And then I got sick with a bad cold/flu. 

Now I’m better so onwards and upwards 🙂 

Be Like Water

Last week i signed up for a half marathon with minimum training. The Sotokoto Half Marathon. They only have the 21k distance and 5k.

When i say minimum i mean that i was a week into training for the annual Stanchart marathon. I’ve been looking for another run to do as opposed to the regular First Lady’s marathon in March and Stanchart in October.

A day later i was wondering what i had gotten myself into. I mean, yes i run regularly but nowhere near  a half marathon distance, i mean, my long run is 12k.

Anyway best foot forward, some hill runs, yoga and cross training right? Right. Wrong, Mother Nature said.

I have come down with a bout of tonsilitis and a cold. This run is beginning to look like wishful thinking. Of course i hope to get to do the run; i won’t chase time, just do it.

But life is like that. You just deal with the hand you’ve been dealt.

As Bruce Lee said: Water can flow or it can crash. Be water my friend.

Be like water

So i will be like water, see how i feel come Sunday and do what i gotta.