Month: January 2016

Self Love Sunday

In life many times, or most times, we find ourselves doing things we don’t necessarily want to or need to.
We compromise once and then realise later that it has become people taking you for granted or demanding from you as if it is their right and it becomes harder and harder to say no.
You deny yourself that  meal or holiday (insert that which applies to you) until it becomes something that other folk do but not you. Never you.

Today, I dare you, encourage you to take a small step and do that which you have been denying yourself for whatever reason.

Life is life and it happens to all of us.
I have been looking for excuses not to meet with people because the location proposed is too far, I’m broke, I don’t think I can have a good conversation with them, it’s too late or early a time, traffic etc etc
How will I get back into the groove of city life and society if all I ever do is work and then home and WhatsApp conversations?
So I made a foray to the outskirts of the city at night to a party. I’m glad I did. It felt good to be out of my comfort zone and feel confidence fill me. There isn’t enough time to stay in one spot.

Time will pass anyway so go on and eat that pizza, buy that outfit and enjoy wearing it out and about, show it off.
Take a short walk around the office during working hours, your boss may blow his/her gasket but they along with everyone else will envy you.
Kiss him. Kiss her and smile.
The only person we can really take care of or love is ourselves.

Enjoy yourself.

Do it.


Self Love Sunday

The power of karma is amazing.
This past two weeks have been of upheaval around me. Someone or other has been having chaos in their life and needs to talk it out (read download) to me.
I’m glad to have been available and give a shoulder.
At this time, another birthday came and went. This 30s thing is really here huh?

Through all this, I have taken a step back and looked at how I have lived my life. I have been meaner, colder, absent to those close to me when I could have been better, more loving and present.
So I have purposed to be more of that just a little bit every day.

The power of karma is more evident and I want to be surrounded by more positive energy.
(Don’t get me wrong, I will bring it if it is brought to my door in less than 2 seconds.)
However, i, feel like there is a lot of change about to happen in the world.
We are the cusp of it.
I want it to be positive for me and mine, and you.
I send you positive vibrations and confetti. 🙂